Abdullah Sumar

“Now I feel a bit more powerful with the knowledge I have and willing to share it to the world.”

Abdullah Sumar

Much like any other student, Abdullah was not too interested in any of his subjects, nor was he too concerned about his grades and the future. For a young Abdullah, there were two things that was in his priority list: football (or soccer for others) and e-games.

Football was one of the most important things for him, and he ignored everything else in his life. Not only was he passionate about it, he was damn good at it too. In fact, he wasn’t only part of the school’s football team, he was the captain. Then there was his passion for e-games. He took home many individual and team trophies for sports. He was, as he says, ‘in love with every kind of sport’ (online / offline).

When he was in his 4th year though, he had a realization; those games that he spent so much of his time on, was not doing him any good. Not only did he hate the redundancy of just playing, he also felt like those games were not a good use of his time. Sure, he was winning, and sure he could use all the prize money, but for some reason, his heart was not feeling the accomplishment and achievement that he was looking for. Everything felt counter productive.

“So I thought, if I am sitting in front of the screen and burning my eyesight, might as well do something productive out of it.”

Abdullah Sumar

He wants to surround himself with something that could connect him to anything in the world by what he has. He wants to make the world a better place. He had dreams and visions of creating things that can make this world connect in ways that has never been seen, heard, or experienced. This was the time he realized that programming is the best place to start. He realized that with programming, he can explore the world of make believe, and turn it into reality. He knew that programming can bring him the power to create intelligent machines that will help humanity, and help the world become a better place to live in.

Coding can solve problems of humans that they face daily, and share happiness to the world by making this planet a better place to live in.

Abdullah Sumar

This was the time when he thought about a subject that he has during his 11th and 12th grade. He took up a programming subject that discussed C, C++, and MySQL. During that time, he was busy with games and didn’t pay much attention, and never took learning seriously. He just, to use his words, “went with the flow”. Then he remembered that a subject about PCB-board or topics about electronics and communication engineering fascinated him, and if he wasn’t so busy with his games, he would have focused on it more. That’s the time when he decided to take up ECE. However, on his first year, he felt a certain emptiness about the course so he decided to shift his branch into CSE ( computer science engineering). This is where his knowledge of C, C++ are revisited. On his third year, he already knew how the software and hardware works together, he knew how he can control every part of the hardware components using only the software.

He fell in love with coding, but didn’t have the same enthusiasm and passion with football and his online games, but this time, he was filled with amazing dreams for the future, and that alone is enough for him to continue on with what he’s doing.

The only problem that he had at that time is he had no clue about what he should do. He wasn’t able to get his certificates and college degree. He felt like a total failure, specially when he compared himself to his classmates who had moved ahead in their lives. It’s not like he was already a master in programming, no. There were so much in his mind, but not enough skills to be able to do it. That was when he re-found one of Qazi’s videos. He remembers already seeing this guy when he was in the 3rd year, but he never followed along. He was intrigued with an opening of a course (the Profitable Programmer) that Qazi himself created, and he found it at such a time when Abdullah’s life was falling apart.

Of course, this was not something that he was absolutely certain of, he had his share of doubts. Doubts in the course, doubts in Qazi, doubts in the whole idea that this course will help and change his life. But after a lot of thinking, he decided to give it a shot. He took a risk and he enrolled to the course.

To his surprise, the course made him understand programming more deeply. Sure he had previous experience, but he never understood it in such a way that would make coding sound like something that an actual human can do. Everything was suddenly so easy to understand. His dreams and how to make them come true suddenly had clarity and hope. He felt that he finally had knowledge to create all his dreams and everything that he had inside his head.

“Now I feel a bit more powerful with the knowledge I have and willing to share it to the world.”

Abdullah Sumar

More than the technical skill and knowledge, Abdullah was able to grasp a concept that most would not get. In module zero (0) of the Profitable Programmer course, it talks about how having the right mindset would make or break a career, or basically anything that you are deciding on. He felt like the thing that he learned on that first video is already 90% on what he paid for. He understood, with all his heart, that a creative mindset is a crucial part of what success is. And that is something that he will bring with him his whole life.

“If there’s a destructive mindset, and you have gold, you’ll turn it into rubbish, but with a constructive mindset, the rubbish can be turned into gold.”

Abdullah Sumar

Abdullah was just a regular kid with a regular life. What’s special about him is his dreams, and his goals. He’s not selfish about helping the world. Even if right now, what’s challenging him is the fact that he’s not comfortable accepting money -even as payment- from other people. His heart is so pure that he’d rather give all his knowledge and known information about a topic than charge people for it. And while this is a good thing, he wants to be able to get the uneasiness off because after all, if he wants to change the world, he has to be able to live on his own too.

As young as he is, he already has so much knowledge about coding. And when asked what tips he has for beginners:

For beginners, all I can say is if they are new to programming or even if they have prior knowledge, DO WATCH THE 1st MODULE and then just breeze along. It’s not only gonna help you in the course but even in your real-life + whatever is being taught in the course, just don’t be like that’s all the world is. No. Qazi is only teaching you what all he feels should be necessary for a student and yes, that is sufficient if you follow along. But in your spare time or even while doing the course, either keep a pen/paper in hand so you can take your notes while he dictates and have your understanding and then go online to search for stuff and compare to what you understood and what it is. And while doing the course you ever feel like dropping or quitting, just go through Module: 0, Video: 2, and you are back on track!”

Abdullah Sumar

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