Sayem Shahrier

“It was at this moment that I realized that programmers are modern-day artists.” Sayem Sharier As a young New Yorker, Sayem always had a certain amazement for computers and technology. He remembers so well that when he was only six (6) years old, he had his first computer; a Windows 98 with a white, bulky monitor, a huge QWERTY keyboard, and an old school trackball … Continue reading Sayem Shahrier

Jesse “Mama Python” Springer

“I had to get creative (and greedy) with my time.” Jesse Spinger Being a working parent is hard enough, but for a mother that is trying to make a name for herself in a male dominated industry, there’s an extra pressure. There’s always a struggle between wanting to be successful and a great mother. There’s also the issue of how one would be able to … Continue reading Jesse “Mama Python” Springer

Tony “Fools” Siu

“For beginners, my best advice is to stay hungry and stay foolish. “ -Tony Orbis Representing Hong Kong for international tournaments, Tony was once a great Baseball player. He always made sure that he’s prepared for every game and did not let mediocrity be a part of his reputation. Despite the hard work and countless nights of practice, there was still an obvious distance of … Continue reading Tony “Fools” Siu