Tony “Fools” Siu

For beginners, my best advice is to stay hungry and stay foolish.

-Tony Orbis

Representing Hong Kong for international tournaments, Tony was once a great Baseball player. He always made sure that he’s prepared for every game and did not let mediocrity be a part of his reputation. Despite the hard work and countless nights of practice, there was still an obvious distance of skill between them and the other teams. This though, did not stop him from practicing and preparing for every game he and his team will be playing. He was even featured in their local newspaper and was deemed as one of the greatest players of his team and his batch.

Then in 2012, he had a series of sprains. He suffered from tendonitis, and had superficial injuries. Within a year, he had to undergo his first fusion surgery because a conservative back brace that he wore, worsened his pain and caused bone spurs from the bilateral parts of L5 S1.
After a year in recovery, he tried to go back to school. He trotted 1/3 of school just to almost always end up in bed.

He then had a 2nd minor surgery, but it ended up having complications that caused his existing titanium screws to be re-positioned. This caused him to be paralyzed for a week. On top of that, he again sprained his back 2 months after, as a result of exercising being too hard on his screws.

In 2015, he had full on rehabilitation. He got his six packs, but was unable to sit or stand for more than 10 minutes. He was in complete distraught. A year later, he had diagnostic nerve blocks that initiated his body to have CPRS symptoms. It seemed to have been in a never ending cycle of pain and agony.

It was also at this time that he found Qazi on YouTube. He tried to learn but in 2017, he had to go from doctor to doctor and was at a lost to what he needed to do (about his situation). He realized how incompetent doctors are as he ended up being put on benzos because that’s the only drug that worked. Not long after, in 2018, he got a fight with his father and was sent to the psychiatric ward to taper of the drugs the doctors gave him.

It was that at that time that he was able to tell the doctors that his titanium screws were broken, and that he could feel them wrenching inside of him. With this, we was able to salvage his lower limb functionality. His latest treatment was only this 2019 when he went to the US for TM joint treatment . His body pains are now controllable and he regained his ability to do the three essentials (eating, sleeping, and shitting)

This was his painful history; it has been years since he found Qazi. He (Qazi) was also just starting his channel and his first impression was: “Wow, another fool with his fool errand!” Qazi’s overall outlook in life, and in programming was spot on; work ethics, the definition of programming, and even the changing tides of the economy and technology. Qazi seeded a thought that he has an opportunity to become a freelance developer.

Qazi made him believe in programming since he (Qazi) himself, set out and got himself to Hollywood being the “Greater Fool”. He became an example for Tony. He learned that as long as there is a legitimate pathway and road map, you will be able to succeed and have a future that doesn’t lack clarity.

“I wanted to code for a long time but didn’t manage”

Tony Orbis

He was challenged with the burden of actually learning how to become a programmer. But unlike most people, it wasn’t the technical difficulty of programming that challenged him, rather, the fact that he was trying to learn while being in constant pain. He had to find a way to integrate his life, and make sure that he was making the most out of learning rather than let the pain become a permanent hindrance for becoming a person of worth.

It’s not money or finding a job that he’s looking for but just become financially independent enough that he would be able to pay for the treatments and mandatory surgeries he had to undergo. So instead of focusing on the pain, he channeled his attention to learning. The Profitable Programmer course became handy for him, first because he can work around it in his own pace while dealing with his physical issues. The course gave him the push he needed to move forward.

Qazi’s course gives the flexibility to work on my own pace dealing with my bodily issues whilsts also giving me the discipline to make some thing out of my miserable self.”

He once believed that he had let everyone around him down, and with that, he burdened himself to choose another path for his future. He had so much issues to solve and so much liability to himself. One of the of those responsibility, is to be the best version of himself and what he can be. So he set out and just did what he thought would help him.

For him, -like everyone else- , it was not an easy task to change paths, he knew that struggling will always be a part of the deal. Tony had to crawl his way into who he is now. He kept the ‘never give up’ attitude and always focused on what he could do instead of what he cannot.

Only 2 months into learning programming, he’s now a technical programming tutor in Wyzant, and is already starting his career as a freelancer. He doesn’t plan to end here though, as he still looks forward to keep improving, learning, and eventually become a better version of himself.

The struggle was real. There were so much difficulty he had to face an overcome, but he managed to make it in spite and despite of those.

There are always going to be a reason to quit programming and most often that not, it’s going to rely on a person’s determination. So for the ones who had set their hearts to programming but is losing hope, this is what he has to say:

For beginners, my best advice is to stay hungry and stay foolish”

2 thoughts on “Tony “Fools” Siu

    1. LOL Blush away! You shout shout and be proud of your amazing story! It’s an inspiration and I hope that everyone will start having the same kind of determination and feel the same kind of optimism you keep in your heart. ❤


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