Jesse “Mama Python” Springer

“I had to get creative (and greedy) with my time.

Jesse Spinger

Being a working parent is hard enough, but for a mother that is trying to make a name for herself in a male dominated industry, there’s an extra pressure. There’s always a struggle between wanting to be successful and a great mother. There’s also the issue of how one would be able to spend their time wisely and how to distribute a limited amount of energy the whole day. It’s a silent and difficult struggle, There are no tutorials or books that would teach you the right process to do it. But our story today will prove that this is something that is possible as long as the person grabs every opportunity to learn and has determination to make it.

Jesse, a mom of 4 beautiful children, started programming in 2017 when she acquired her real-estate licence and wanted her own website. She found the company provided site to be too generic and non-engaging. So she scoured the internet about how to build her own and the best programming language to begin with. Python became the top recommendation so she took and watched YouTube tutorials about the basics. It was at that time that she found Qazi’s YouTube channel. She fell in love with python. Qazi’s teaching style and energy resonated with her as his style made Python fun to learn.

“Qazi’s teaching style resonated with me, and his energy made Python really fun to learn. “

-Jesse Springer

She felt so much passion for programming that she made what seemed to be one of the most important decisions of her life, -to let go of the idea of being a real-estate agent and just focused on programming and becoming a freelancer instead. She found a nearby university (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) that offered a part-time programming boot camp. She was determined to make time work for her. She spent 6 months getting hands-on instruction in full-stack web development from local industry experts. During her time in the university studying tech stack ( such as Node.Js ), she realized that it was python that she was most passionate about so she decided to also dabble with python on top of her already full schedule.

That 6 months of her life became a total battle. She had to be a full-time mother in the morning, and learn how to code in the night time. She had to maximize every hour that she had when her children were asleep, and made sure that she always learns something new. They didn’t want to spend a fortune on child services either, or miss out the time she could have with her kids. She even had to let her husband become a solo parent on Saturdays just to go to school. She sacrificed a whole lot of things, including not being able to watch a lot of her favorite TV shows.

“I had to get creative (and greedy) with my time.

Jesse Springer

After she graduated, she went back on focusing on python as she knows that in her heart, this is what she loves doing. And like everything else in life, it is passion that gives us the drive to keep moving. She picked up where she left off as a Profitable Programmer student at Clever Programmer. This was so much fun for her because even with the plethora of learning resources she found on the internet, -most of which she has relied on to help her wrap her head around certain concepts, it was just Qazi’s tutorials that became her favorite.

Clever Programmer tutorials are some of my absolute favorite and most useful because Qazi makes things super simple and also fun. He throws away the intimidating jargon that often alienates beginners, and he brings a contagious energy that makes me feel like, “Okay, I can actually do this.” This approach to coding has been a huge help!

Jesse Springer

She has come a long way on her programming journey. There were nights when she felt like just sleeping it off and just forget about the whole idea of learning. The daily exhaustion she had to overcome just to keep on learning was sometimes even overwhelming, but she did not cave in.

It was zero to hero for Jesse. She’s the student that asked what a command line was and how to access it on the first day of boot camp. This was a memory that she now laughs at because now, the command line is a breeze and I can easily use it to create virtual environments, install packages, navigate files, and many other tasks. She now charges $50.00 per hour to teach programming and getting all the sleepless nights back. She’s now in line with men in the programming field. All the psychological battles and all the time spent on struggling between sleep or work has all been worth it. This amazing woman proved that juggling between work and parenthood is totally doable!

When asked if she has any advice to new programmers, this is what she has to say:

I would like beginners to understand that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at first, and not to expect themselves to get it right away. If you don’t understand something, it’s okay! But keep searching for a way to understand it and for solutions that work. Each time that you get something to work because your persistence paid off, you will feel more confident. It’s not about having the answer right away; it’s about being able to find it. Google is your bestest of best friends!

Jesse Springer

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