Abdallah Ashraf

“What if I could combine the engineering with programming to do something great for the world?

Abdullah Ashraf

Abdallah was just a simple engineering student from HELP University. He didn’t excel much in his subjects and always found himself drifting off, thinking about what else is out there for him. Until one day, during a lab report for one of his subjects, he had a a sudden realization about the past, present, and the future. An epiphany of why it was a bit hard for him to study engineering, -it’s because his heart is not in it, and his passion was with programming. He realized that it was the reason why he understood his C++ lesson better than 90% of his classes and at the time, he even helped his classmates do their assignments.

He drifted farther away, back to when he was still studying computer science and mathematics at another University, and the days when he excelled so much in programming. It was at this particular moment that he realized a thought that would change his life forever.

What if I could combine the engineering with programming to do something great for the world?

Abdallah Ashraf

Almost immediately, he started to search for answers. He started out with what programming language to learn first. And that was when he saw a video from Clever Programmer. It talked about Python and how to use it. He tested it out, and found it to be way simpler that C++, he played a lot with it and the next thing he knew what he was in love with the language!

He then spent the rest of 2017 learning and improving Python. He took a course in Clever Programmer about Object-Oriented Programming. All of a sudden though, his programming frenzy came to a stop, because he got busy with graduating and earning his Mechanical Engineering diploma. He was busy, but he felt lost because he already have so much invested in engineering that he thought it would be foolish to change careers. He had a struggle between passion and practicality.

Then, by some form of fate, he found his mentor, Sifu Dan Lok. He helped Abdallah develop a mindset that’s focused on growth, and a way to look at his life from a different point of view. It was at that time that things were clear to him, it was programming that he loved, and it was what he is truly passionate about and it was coding that he had ideas that would change the world!

At that point, I was a laser beam focused on what I wanted to do next which is programming since I really enjoy the most when I’m coding and making ideas come true.

Abdallah Ashraf

He started to self-study all the languages that he can. He was filled with enthusiasm and hope about all the ideas that he can do with programming. He learned so much; the fundamentals of each language and how he could use it.They were hard, but with his diligence and passion, he was able to comprehend each one, even though they were difficult and tricky.

With all the things he now knows, he was faced with yet another dilemma. He knew so much but didn’t know what he should focus on.

“Should I do more programming challenges, learn HTML and CSS or should I focus on python and Django and where I should start?”

Abdallah Ashraf

All these questions caused him to be inefficient with his work. He started dabbling from one language to another, and from framework to framework. His productivity was at its lowest point.

He then joined a high-end course from Clever Programmer which not only dramatically improved his skills in web development with Python using Django framework, but also made him realize what he should focus on in terms of learning. In a matter of 3 months, he was able to build 5 apps that are up and running. It was a feat that he himself did not expect to achieve in such a short amount of time.

On top of this, Qazi helped him break down the concepts in an easy to learn way that was helpful for someone who was just getting started.

“As from my experience I took some other courses that were either too hard to follow along because the instructor was explaining from his point of view, not a beginner level view or it was just too boring .”

Abadallah Ashraf

Aside from the technical skills that he acquired from the courses, Qazi also taught him one of the most important things that will define his success in the industry; the soft skill necessary to earn using programming. With this, he was able to start earning using the very thing that he is passionate about.

” I’m currently marketing myself online on social media as Self Engineered because I’m taking the self taught route to learn software engineering and development, so I make video tutorials on YouTube to help other self taught developers and beginners. And I’m also teaching people online on a 1-on-1 coaching program to help them with their challenges in python.”

Abdallah Ashraf

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